About Us

We're a team of security professionals with longstanding experience working in the financial industry and a proven track-record for innovating on the frontlines of cyber-security.

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Fraud Prevention

Real time data feed subscription to your cardholder's information immediately when detected on the darknet. Includes optional instant mitigation/removal or a custom integration to flag the accounts.
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Unique Expertise

All members of our team are certified professionals, each with unique skills that distinguish our products from other players in the arena.
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PCI/DCSS Compliance

We stay up to date on the latest changes to the PCI/DCSS/GDPR requirements to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.

What drives us

Meaningful insights and actionable intelligence are the key to unlocking the potential of security programs – and protecting our organizations and communities.

We believe that security solutions should do just that: be solutions – helping to solve big problems and reduce risk.

We know that the right information, in the hands of the right people, at the right time, stops attackers in their tracks.

What we’re after

What it means to be a ‘threat’ is changing – countries, independent attackers, third parties – and everyone is a potential target.

And while the list of threats is growing, digital transformation is vastly expanding the attack surface for every organization. Our mission is to add meaningful context to every threat and every security function.

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MINDWISE is currently in production phase and ready to onboard new clients. Please email contact@mindwise.io.

For Press/Media inquiries, please contact media@mindwise.io directly.

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