Customized monitoring solutions

Real Time Actionable Intelligence

Along with our API/programmatic access, MINDWISE desires to cultivate a personal relationship with every client to ensure their needs are met. To that end, we periodically prepare customized threat analysis reports (a birds-eye view of the week/month/year) and includes a detailed analysis from one of our experts of where you stand and what the next steps are to strengthen your existing security infrastructure.

Customized, Tailored Reporting

What kind of insights?

Aside from monitoring hundreds of cyber-criminal marketplaces, MINDWISE has a well-placed network of assets who can provide invaluable insight into the biggest threats to your business infrastructure by working undercover in the cybercriminal underground. For instance, synthetic identity theft- one of the largest growing sources of fraud for banks can be mitigated using information gleaned from our assets along with corroborating data sources.

MINDWISE provides a real-time intelligence feed via our secure API. Our API is not limited to banking end-users but is specifically relevant when considering the enormous impact the results will have (we collect data regardless of who is signed up, both for statistical analysis internally and for presentation purposes).

The MINDWISE API complies with all necessary compliance standards and only the client can access the feed with a secure key exchange protocol.

How does this work?

  • Provide us your search terms, queries, or points of interest, and our API delivers contextualized intelligence to your analysts along with a score developed in-house at MINDWISE- the score being representative of how much of a risk the information might pose.

In the case of a banking end-user, this would entail full customer details, wherever possible. In partnership with a number of major players in big data and risk management, we have developed an in-house analytics/data processing flow to maximize the percentage of datapoints (customers information) that can be tied to a real individual. To see if your customers are at risk, visit our real-time feed located at (Currently down for maitenance)

As the feed is real-time, any adjustments you make will be instantly reflected in the next delivery. The feed makes it seamless to filter certain datasets for human analysis and others for automated mitigation either using your existing security infrastrure. For banking end-users, we simply require a list of all BINs issued by the bank in question (and any extra search terms, emails, etc) to begin feeding you the data you need to stop fraud dead in its tracks.