Stop Fraud Before It's Even Attempted

Identify fraudulant activity across several applications using MindWise's Modular Analytics Engine


Dark Web Marketplaces

Cyber Criminals organize sophisticated operations to steal vast amounts of confidnential information to sell it on thriving Dark Web Marketplaces.
This is how they do it: 

1. Data Breach

Cyber criminals mount intricately coordinated assaults to gain access to sensitive, private information by the millions stored on various databases owned by different companies. All it takes is one vulnerability in a third-party company to expose millions of your records. Most data breaches go undetected for over 200 days and in 2021 155.8 million Americans had information compromised through a data breach.

2. Dark Web Marketplaces

After a data breach, compromised information of all types are placed for auction on secret Dark Web Marketplaces. Nearly every type of confidential material can be found on these marketplaces ranging from Netflix and bank logins, credit cards and social security numbers, to fingerprints and facial profiles to bypass biometric security. Cumulatively, this encompasses hundreds of millions of endangered records.

3. Information is Purchased

Individual fraudsters then acquire this information. Purchased material is used for a wide range of criminal activities such as identity theft, account takeover, application fraud, synthetic identity fabrication, and credit card fraud, just to name a few.

4. Fraud

While fraud detection and identify verification systems are able to stop some attempts, it is far from enough. Estimates place U.S.  combined identity fraud losses of consumers, businesses, and governments at an astounding $200-500 billion in 2021.


MindWise has infiltrated Dark Web Marketplaces and is able to alert institutions of compromised information BEFORE individual fraudsters have purchased it and attempted to use it illegally. This provides companies with valuable information and time to proactively stop fraud rather than trying to mitigate it after it is already underway.


True Fraud Prevention,
Not Just Mitigation

Credit & Debit Card

Receive notifications about compromised cards before illicit transactions are evenattempted


Personal Identifiable Information is regularly stolen and used for fraudulent purposes of all types

Synthetic Identities

Complex manufactured or manipulated identities are prepared for fraudsters to create accounts as a fictitious  person

Biometric Profiles

Digitized records of fingerprint, iris, voice, and facial profiles are sold to fraudstersto defeat biometric ID verification

Stolen Accounts

From streaming services to banks, login information is regularly sold to illegallyaccess private accounts

Data Breaches

The average Data Breach goes undetected for 200 days. Get notified the moment your sensitive data is placed for sale on the Dark Web


Lost to identity theft related crimes in 2021


Records compromised in 2021 Data Breaches


Cards  Detected by MindWise, Monthly

600% ↑

Cybercrime has increased 600% since 2019

Millions of Records Detected

The combined fraud losses for Government Agencies, Financial Institutions, Businesses, and consumers is staggering. MindWise detects millions of the compromised credentials used in these crimes every month.


An Offensive Layer for Your Security

"Compliance is asking you to put a lock on the door. Security is making sure you lock it every day."
-PCI Security Standards Council

Defensive Security

Other Fraud Mitigation Services

In cybersecurity,  defensive tactics includes steps like encryption, writing secure code, access control, andpatching vulnerabilities. For Fraud Prevention this may entail more advanced identity verification and behavior analysis. While defensive methods are certainly important components, they aloneare not  sufficient. Hackers andcybercriminals will always be able to find an exploitable vulnerability astechnology improves.

Offensive Security

Offensive tactics place emphasis on proactive, rather than reactive, protection giving you more time to address threats. Nearly all experts agree that the best way to accomplish security is through a layered offensive and defensive approach. MindWise helps you take the fight to cyber criminals by monitoring the Dark Web to provide advanced warning of compromised information.


Instant Alerts

Through our secure API, MindWise alerts  you when your sensitive data has been compromised or helps determine when stolen information is being used against you.
MindWise monitors criminal Dark Web Marketplaces around the world to provide you with actionable intelligence in real-time.


Latest Intelligence on the Dark Web