Account Takeover

Protect user accounts of all types from malicious takeovers

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Account Information Surveillance

MindWise can monitor nearly all types of accounts from banking to streaming services

Combine with Breach Monitoring

Combine with our breach monitoring solution to ensure credentials are not being leaked from internally

Improved Customer Experience

Not only will security improve, but customers will no longer be disrupted by "hacked" accounts

Secure API

Our API is secure, providing your with the peace of mind knowing sensative data is transmitted safely

Easy integration

Integrating with MindWise's secure API is a fast, easy, and seamless process. Support through the integration process and customized applications are available if needed

Real Time Intelligence

MindWise monitors the Dark Web Marketplaces constantly to deliver alerts regarding compromised information as quickly as possible

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Multiple Marketplaces

MindWise vigilantly monitors every layer of Dark Web Marketplaces and constantly responds to the dynamic environment. We maintain a surveillance presence on multiple markets including those with high levels of security, not just the open, free forums.


Industry Standard Security Measures

We take your trust in us very seriously. MindWise practices industry standard security measures to ensure that all sensative data is properly protected during storage and in transit. We are committed to detecting data breaches, not experiencing them.

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